A World of Cats

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Welcome to the world of cats!  Do you have one? I have three.  But imagine having 122...or rather don't... *sneeze*!  

One hundred twenty-four cats eat 40 lbs of cat-food in three days. Add litter expenses and the cats' total food and board  comes to over $19,500 a year. Then add the vet bills (all the cats have to have their shots and be fixed or spayed), and a person's yearly salary could be spent solely on cat-care! 

One hundred twenty-two is the grand total of cats currently residing at the Greenbelt Human Society in the little town of Alden, Iowa.    The Greenbelt Humane Society is managed by dedicated volunteers and financed mainly by donations.  Last year 113 cats were adopted due to their efforts.

The senior member of the cat kingdom here is Nero, who has lived at the humane society for 6 years--since he was a kitten.

 Below are a couple of the many kittens, and Frank and Dean--cats who were left in a box on the humane society's doorstep in 2006 as kittens.  Their owner was later hit by a car and killed; the cats were returned to the humane society where they have lived for the past two years.

Lillian Braun once said, "Cats never strike a pose that isn't photogenic."  However, a couple of the cats here certainly tried...
I caught this kitty yawning--from the looks of his teeth, mice should beware!
Ozzi (above) is quite the character...who wouldn't stay still for a good shot!

"Is this better?"  Yes, there's a beautiful white cat!

Mitsy and her son Tidbit (above) are 2 of the few handicapped cats the shelter provides a home for.  They came from a 5-cat household; Mitsy can only see shadows, and Tidbit was born without eyes; but that doesn't keep him from being extremely playful!

My favorite of the cats is Harley.  She is extremely affectionate  (my basis for cat-merit). The first time I visited, she didn't ask for my attention, she took it!  I was standing near a plastic tub, which she jumped on, stood on her hind legs, and reached her paws around me to give me a cat-hug!  Believe me, I was surprised--that was a first...   This time she jumped on my lap without hesitation, and  I got my daily dose of cat affection (and fur!)
Tricia and Harley

"Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later." ~Mary Bly
For some cats, this is true...very true, but the cats at the Greenbelt Humane Society are not looking to ignore you or just take a message.  They're all hungry for attention, love, affection, and a good home.
Meet Skippy, one of our very own farm cats!