Appreciation and Thanksgiving

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

During our trip to Boone, Iowa, we stopped in front of Mamie Doud Eisenhower's birthplace to take a few pictures.  The small beautiful home is open to the public by appointment only.  The public high school is nearby, and the students were walking and driving home, not taking a moment to glance at the historical site, while we "tourists" snapped photos.  

I guess after walking by the First Lady's birthplace for the past 10 years every day, the students must have lost some of their excitement.  

Over time, many of us lose our excitement about and appreciation of the things we see every day. When we lived in Portland, it seldom snowed; so each snow storm was greatly anticipated and greeted with mittened hands creating snowmen, tongues outstretched to lick the falling snowflakes, and sleds rocketing down nearby hills.   Here the first snow can fall in October and the last 6 inches can fall in May, so to say the least, I don't spend all year looking forward to it.  

It's not necessary for us to appreciate what we don't like--be it snowstorms, okra, or beets--just because others who don't have them would love to have them.  But we should refrain from taking all the good things in life for granted.  

We should thank God for heat instead of waiting until a power outage to tell him how much we enjoyed it.  

We should thank our mothers for a nice warm meal instead of waiting till someday when we have cold cereal for supper to reminisce about how good Mother's cooking is.

And we should let our friends know how much we appreciate them instead of waiting until we miss them so much we have to post an ad on Craigslist looking for anyone who will talk with us.*

Be grateful for the little things; be grateful for all of God's blessings.  Take a moment to notice beautiful surroundings, small conveniences, and the people who love and care for you.  Life will be much happier.

"Give thanks unto the Lord: for He is good!"

*I have seen an ad like this in a local Craigslist listing.