Concert at a Potluck

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recently, my family and I have had concerts at several nursing homes.  We also had the opportunity of singing at a local senior citizens' potluck.  Potluck concerts are one thing I look forward to since the ladies here in Iowa are wonderful cooks.  We brought a couple lemon meringue pies with us as well as our instruments, and after Pastor Z. opened the meeting with a word of prayer, we faced a beautiful array of dishes from which to choose.
Macaroni and Cheese
Chicken and Noodles (delicious!)
Mashed Potato Meatloaf
Chicken 'n Rice (my favorite!)
The whole array of dinner dishes--Lasagna (on the far end) was very filling!
While we were eating, one of the ladies told Papa she was a music teacher and could hear any note that was out of tune--scary!  Most of our audiences are not trained critics and will graciously applaud even when we make mistakes.  In fact, I greatly admire and appreciate the many audiences of elderly people who listened to us when we were younger, not only for enduring our performances but encouraging us to practice and telling us we had potential.  After a meal like this one we had to try our best.  The dessert selection was as fantastic as the main dishes.  There were all sorts of goodies!

The concert went well, and our music teacher friend joked that she had not heard a single mistake--well, maybe one!  We really enjoyed our afternoon and are thankful to the senior citizen's club for inviting us!  

Below is one of my songs, "Down from His Glory," at a concert at one of the nursing homes we love to visit.  I still need some practice to perfect it (any music teachers available to critique?), but the lyrics are beautiful.