The Last Minute

Friday, February 28, 2014

Some people, including yours truly, have the bad habit of waiting till the last moment to complete projects or goals.  We cram as much work as possible into one day or one hour, usually getting everything done only a few minutes before the deadline.   

A few years ago I wanted to submit an essay about the Federal Reserve to a contest.  The deadline was the New Year, so I spent New Year's Eve laboring in my studies on the intricacies of economics.  I finished the essay on time, but missed out on time I could have spent pleasantly otherwise.  

However, on my "hurry to get everything done" days I get a lot of things done.  One Bible verse I am reminded of is "Be ye also ready; for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh."  We don't know when the deadline is for this world or our lives.  We need to be ready at any moment for Jesus to return.  

Any moment could be our last; do we have our lives in order?  Do we have everything we need to get done completed?  There won't be time for last-minute changes.  The Lord said He will return like a thief in the night.  Are we ready for eternity?


  1. Amen!
    More people need to hear this!

  2. Thanks! Yes, being ready for eternity is the most important thing of all :)