The 2014 Iowa Class Championships: Part 2

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My opponent in the third round was Robert Johnson (1636).  I was black and got to play the Sicilian, which made me very happy.  I did have the disadvantage (excuse?) of hardly any rest time between games.

Once again I cracked under imaginary threats, sacrificing a piece to escape them when the threats were in reality innocuous.  Mr. Johnson played well, and I ended my misery by resigning.  The game was short, and so I had plenty of time to recuperate before the final round. 
I watched an episode of Black Saddle with Mama (a 1959 Western series starring Peter Breck, Russell Johnson, and Anna-Lisa), and we went out to the car for a snack, some fresh air, and a couple chess boards so we could play bughouse.  The church below is part of the city scenery that can be seen from the clinic. 

When we returned to the clinic, we watched part of a Lassie episode.  Players were starting to finish their games, and so we got some bughouse games started. 
At last, it was time for the final round.  This time I played Dave Wolz (1740), known across the nation as the barefoot chess player.  I played the Queen's Gambit again, and thoroughly messed up the opening, losing a pawn and giving him a lead in development.  I was able to consolidate my position however, and eventually won by an unfortunate oversight on his part.
Some of my family members' games were still in progress, so I watched various games.  The Iowa Closed Championship was in progress in the same room with 6 players competing for the state title.  It was won the next day for the fourth time by Tim McEntee (Congratulations!).  My brother finished as co-champion of Class C; and my 2 sisters finished 1st and tied for 2nd in Class D. 
On our way home we stopped at McDonalds for cheeseburgers, fries, and fish fillets to celebrate.  Upon arrival home at about 11:30, I was exhausted and promptly went to sleep.
Thanks to Mark Capron and Eric Vigil for directing a great tournament, and to Dr. Robert Keating who provided the use of the very nice tournament rooms to everyone for free!  I very much enjoyed the tournament.


  1. Congrats on your family's wins! :-) I love reading about your games (even though I don't understand half of the vocabulary ;-)). By the way, I just love your hair! I am sure you hear people tell you that all the time. Haha!