Presidential Candidates - #8 Donald Trump

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

At the Santorum meeting and later at another Huckabee townhall, we met Andy Cable of the GOP State Central Committee.  We mentioned we were planning to see Trump at the Electric Park Ballroom in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and that we were wondering how early we'd have to get there (4 AM?) to get a front row seat.   Andy asked if we'd be interested in volunteering to increase our chances of meeting The Donald.  My sister, mother, and I said yes.
Mr. Cable asked Chris Hupke of the Donald Trump campaign if he needed a few volunteers, and sure enough, next thing we knew we were at the volunteer meeting.  

We were told to have fun, smile, tell guests how happy we were to see them, not to engage in confrontations, and to direct media to the correct door.  My sister, mom, and I were assigned as greeters to make sure everyone knew there was seating in the back, and to help people find chairs.  
People formed a long line at the door.  The doors opened at around 10:30.  Standing room was in the front, and there were booths and chairs in the back.  With 781 or so people in attendance, all the seating filled up, and by the time the fire marshall ordered that no more people would be allowed in, it was very difficult to even scrounge up chairs for the elderly and handicapped.  

Tana Goertz, co-chair of Trump's Iowa campaign, and runner-up on The Apprentice, gave a speech to the waiting audience at about 11:30. Fifteen minutes after the scheduled start time (at 12:15), national campaign co-chair Sam Clovis (with whom I am pictured), introduced Donald Trump!  And...Trump introduced Dan Gable who spoke a few minutes before giving the stage back to Trump.
Miscellaneous Facts: Donald Trump is 69 years old.  His mother immigrated to the United States from Scotland, and his paternal grandparents were German immigrants.  He's a Presbyterian.  He has been married to Melania Knauss since 2005, and they have one son.  He has 4 other children from previous marriages.  Trump is 6 feet 2 inches tall.
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Trump's Speech
We're ahead in the polls in every state.  We're winning in Florida.  We're winning in Pennsylvania.  We're winning in Ohio.  People say I should drop out of the race.  If there were good reasons for me to, I would.  I'm not a masochist; if I were doing badly, I would leave the race.  There are some candidates who rank between 0 and 1%, and they're not dropping out.  For three months I've been at the top!  Last election, Bachmann and Cain led in the polls start with, but they led for just for a week.  I'm not going anywhere.  

Politicians talk about things, but don't get them done.  I'm funding my own campaign, but it's not as expensive because I don't have to advertise much.  Since I'm at the top, I don't need to buy ads.  I'm on every tv program already!  We don't want to overwhelm viewers.

Politicians are not loyal.  Bush was a nice guy.  He mentored Marco Rubio.  Then Rubio started running against him.  If I were Bush I would have said terrible things, but Jeb, he said he loved Marco, and was happy for him when he was seething underneath.  "Marco, he's a dear, dear friend..."  that's all political speech.  

I believe in having a strong tone.  Christians heads are being chopped off.  We're losing to China economically.

We're going to have a big, beautiful wall, with a big beautiful door, across the border with Mexico.  It's going to be built.  Twelve years ago everyone wanted the wall, but supposedly we couldn't do it because it was too expensive and it would hurt the environment.  So we built little walls with ramps. 

I love the Mexican people.  And legal Hispanic immigrants love me.  I'm leading with them, doing fine.    I want to bring jobs back from China and Japan.   One poll shows I have 25% of African American support, and that will help win the election.
Our country is being taken advantage of.  We need a new tax plan.  Right now the middle income class has been forgotten.  Veterans have been forgotten.  We need to build a stronger military.  The stronger we are, the less likely we will have to go to war.  

Let the Russians bomb the ISIS!  If we confront Russia over Syria we'll start World War III.  We have no idea who we're fighting for in Syria.  Are the rebel groups we're fighting for ISIS?  We don't know.  We're getting into a quagmire.  The Soviet Union went bankrupt over Afghanistan.  

I first heard we were taking 3,000 refugees from Syria.  I thought, couldn't someone else do it?  Then I heard we were taking 10,000.  Ok.  But now we're taking 200,000 refugees?!  This will cost millions.  We owe trillions.  If we keep being stupid, we'll soon have no country of our own.  We need to start working on paying back our debt.

And with this refugee migration, we're seeing strong men who look like Dan Gable coming, not women and children!  The German women are having problems with the the Syrian refugees in their country.  The Trojan Horse could end up looking like peanuts compared to this migration.  Probably not, but why take the chance?  If I'm elected President, they'll be sent back to the Middle East.  

We need to repeal Obamacare.  We're building a wall at the border, but we also need to be taking the insurance walls down.  Insurance companies want a monopoly.  They like how things work under Obamacare; they don't have to compete throughout the states.  Premiums are up.  

The next president has to be great! 
[Cheers from the audience:  "We want Trump!"]
Commentators give me great marks in speaking, but they say I have one problem: I speak through the applause.  In Dallas, I had an audience of 20,000 people, in Mobile, 35,000.  It's fun to speak!  There's such love in the room, that I don't really get nervous.  There's a silent majority, but they're not really silent.  They're aggressive and noisy.  They want results, good deals, and smart thinking.  
The Iran deal is terrible.  The Iranians get a 24-day warning before inspection, and they self-inspect.

 They say, "Death to America."  And we give them money, $150 billion.  That's a lot of money for them.  They'll use it to get nuclear weapons.  Nuclear weapons are important and devastating.  They had four of our prisoners, but we didn't get them back.  We gave up on every point.  We asked them, "Will you do this?"  They said, "No, absolutely not."  We said, "Ok."  We should have gotten our prisoners back as a prerequisite to starting negotiations.  But Kerry didn't want to "complicate things."  

I would have just said, "Good afternoon..."  Well, actually I wouldn't have wasted my time saying that.  I would have "Fellas..." (It'll take them another 150 years before they figure out women are smarter than men.  But the Persians are great negotiators.)  "Fellas, we want our prisoners back!"  Then they'd say, "Ok."  If they don't, we'd walk away, and double their sanctions until they come to us.  Now they want 19 of their prisoners back and many other things in exchange for our 4 prisoners.  Their negotiator is too smart for Kerry.  

I have great people.  We're going to do very well.  

I was on 60 Minutes with Putin the other day.  I'm not sure which of us got the ratings, but we were the highest rated show.

The Japanese are wining and dining Caroline Kennedy, she's going to give up everything.  The Japanese send us cars.  We send them our beef, and they send it back.  We need a trade balance.

I can build the wall for 50% of the estimated cost.  And it will be bigger and more beautiful.  Bush and Rubio are weak on negotiating.  We need to get rid of politicians.

We need a trade balance with Mexico.  50% of drivers' licenses in Los Angeles are issued to illegals.  We give Mexico billions of dollars.  It only will cost $7 billion to build the wall.  Mexico can afford to build it because they get $45 billion every year as a trade imbalance.  

Anyone who doesn't believe in the Second Amendment should just look at Chicago.

We have a $400 billion trade imbalance with China.  They are taking our jobs and our money, and we owe them $1.5 trillion.  We fight in Afghanistan, but who takes their minerals and purchases the Iraqi oil?  China.  Our leaders don't know what's happening.  They don't know how to break even.  But it's so easy.  We need to have free trade, not dumb trade.  The Chinese manipulate and devalue their currency, and tax our imports.  We have better negotiators than they do, but we don't use them.  We have politicians do it.

I don't take contributions from people.  Maybe that's not smart.  I can't send back the $5 an old lady sends in to help, but I'm not taking the millions.  Everyone else takes donations.  

I'm writing a new book, Crippled America.  Our country is in serious trouble.

If I'm elected President...not when, I don't want to be known for braggadocio....If I'm elected president, you will be so proud of our country.  It will be run smartly.  We can take our country back.  We have the people.  We can make America great again, better than ever before.   
Further Resources: Visit Donald Trump's website to learn more about him and read his stance on the important issues.  You can also read about him on Wikipedia.  You can find a list of books by Donald Trump here.

My Remarks:  It was definitely interesting working as a volunteer.  I enjoyed it for the most part, but by the end of the day I was so tired of being nice to people that I felt like I had used up all my "niceness" for the entire month!  I mean, seriously, how many people can you smile at in one day and say you're glad to see?!  My sister and I almost got our pictures with The Donald...but I didn't have my camera quite ready, and his staff whisked him away; so we had to be content with photos with him in the background.  Yes, that's Donald Trump waving behind me.

Disclaimer: Candidates' speeches are reconstructed from my imperfect notes.  If you notice any mistakes, just let me know.  I would not intentionally misrepresent anyone's position.  I am not endorsing any candidate or candidate's position at this time, and no candidate has endorsed me.  And yes, I do realize that often speeches are to some extent propaganda, but it's interesting to me to see the points candidates consider as most important.
For my personal political views, please see this article.


  1. Nice article, Bethany. Isn't it something that Donald Trump, a businessman is ahead in the polls. It's actually no wonder as so many citizens are fed up with politics as usual. This kind of reminds me of when Ronald Reagan ran for president. People were tired of weak government back then, and they are really concerned about it now. May the best man win. :)

    1. Indeed, may the best man (or woman!) win. Fiorina should be the next candidate I write about after Paul.

      Trump is smart to take a strong stance. After the debate tonight, he was asked if he was going to continue to be radical or if he would need to tone it down a bit to win the election. I'm not the greatest Trump fan, but I certainly hope he doesn't "tone it down." He keeps things interesting, and I enjoy watching him speak.

  2. I agree, real good post today!

    Re: Trump, it's nice to see someone thinking and acting out side of the box and upsetting the status quo!

    1. I'm glad he's in the race, and I love listening to him. This election would be comparatively very boring without Donald Trump!

  3. I'm fascinate that you got to be a worker!

  4. he has great ideas but im still not sure he's the right fellow.

    1. There are a lot of good candidates from which to choose.

  5. "The stronger we are, the less likely we will have to go to war."

    that may be the dumbest foreign policy statement I've heard so far this year. The Soviet Union and USA were the world's two superpowers from 1945 to the very early 90s. This never kept the USA out of Korea or Vietnam. Soviet war in Afghanistan caused their nation to crumble.

    If you study a lot of wars, you realize that the biggest powers at the time are usually part of almost every war in their part of the world. A lot of times, they were the ones picking the fight but sometimes underdogs (like the colonial forces vs Great Britain) can win despite all logic.

    As for Trump, it's hard to take him seriously. He acts like it's all some kind of skit on SNL that's being watched by Fox News viewers. It's hard to tell if he's serious about winning or is just enjoying the attention.

    1. If you recall in Orwell's book 1984, the superpowers, Eastasia, Eurasia, and Oceania, were always at war over some "disputed territories:" the Middle East, Africa, or Southern Asia. It is tragic that this is so close to the truth. I really would like to see today's "superpowers" minding their own business and out of the Middle East.

      That said, I don't think being weak is the key to peace (not that you're saying it is). Living out in the country, I watch my chickens. If a chicken is weak, all the other chickens will pick on it and try to kill it. If a chicken is at the top of the pecking order, it might have to fight once in awhile to keep it's place, but it's not being pecked to death and having to run for its life all the time. The average chickens might have it best, but given a choice between being strong or weak, I'd choose strong any day. And...I don't think anyone's going to win the election by telling the American people we need to be the most average nation on earth, because realistically that way we'd probably stay out of the most wars. It just doesn't sell. Saying we should be the strongest nation sounds a lot more appealing to voters.

      I honestly don't know about Trump. I love watching him. He makes great tv! Would he make a good President? I don't know, but he'd certainly make an "interesting" one.

  6. I have a hard time taking this man any topic. It looks like he has a permanent smirk (or sneer) on his face. Still. It must have been quite an amazing day for you.

    1. Donald Trump is quite the character! :)

  7. Wow Bethany, how great that you are meeting all these candidates! What a great experience. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to catch up.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Deborah! I'm enjoying meeting the candidates.

  8. How interesting to work as a volunteer at this one. I can understand why you were tired of smiling though!
    I like some of what Trump says, I don't like his arrogance now. I've had enough of that with Obama.

    1. That was supposed to say "I don't like his arrogance though". :)

    2. I like some of what he says as well. He has some good ideas. Although I'm not fond of arrogance, his arrogance can somehow be a bit funny at times. I like that he doesn't let anyone push him around. His closing statement at the debate tonight was pretty good in my opinion. :)

  9. Hi Bethany, I enjoyed this post, as I have the other candidates you've written about. Your comment above says it perfectly for me too: "I honestly don't know about Trump. I love watching him. He makes great tv!" I just couldn't have said it any better than that. My concern is .... even though he is successful in business, and puts on a good show, how will he get along with all the politicians in Congress?

    1. That is a very good question...unfortunately for him he won't be able to just say, "You're fired" to any politician he doesn't think is doing a good job. He may have a good time though with his catchphrase in the executive branch, weeding out bureaucrats and non-"smart" negotiators.

  10. Hmmm...I just realized that I had totally failed to comment on this post. My apologies!
    Trump is an interesting and some what mysterious candidate to me. I'll be curious to watch how his campaign continues.
    I can totally sympathize with you having all your "niceness" used up! I don't like large crowds very well, especially not if I have to smile and greet everyone!

    1. Lydia, how dare you not comment on one of my posts! The nerve of some people!

      I actually don't mind being around a lot of people. Being nice to a lot of people on the other hand...

      Thanks for stopping by. ;)

  11. Once more you have helped me gain more information about the candidate than I had before reading your post. Thanks so much for posting, Bethany. While I find Trump's success in business appealing for what our nation needs in leadership, I worry about his ability to represent our country with dignity and diplomacy.

  12. I don't know too much about Donald Trump, but when I see him attacking people and saying unkind things, I wonder if he would have the tact and self control needed to represent any country or city.