A Visit to the Hardin County Historical Society

Monday, December 10, 2012

     My family and I were invited to sing at a program at the Hardin County Historical Society in Eldora, Iowa on December 9th.  The historical society purchased this Victorian style home in the 1970s, and the interior is filled with all sorts of interesting historical artifacts.  The house was built in 1891 by the widow of a wealthy Hardin County landowner, Lyman Wisner.  Mrs. Julia Wisner died 1893, leaving the house to her housekeeper.  

One outstanding characteristic of the home is it's ornate wood work.  Every room has a different style of wood.

I can't imagine keeping all of this dusted and free of cob webs!

The kitchen contained a fascinating old wood-burning stove/oven (and a freezer dating from the 1950s with a door which was nearly impossible to shut!)

Here is a telephone mounted on the wall.
  I wonder what the original owners would think of today's phones!

Upstairs there were all sorts of ladies' dresses on manikins...Styles have *um* changed?

Downstairs there was a room filled with old uniforms.
World War II-- Navy

Navy to the left.  World War I infantry to the right.

World War II-- Army Air Corp
We were privileged to meet Pilot Clyde Davidson's daughter, and she told us that her father did reconnaissance, flying Allied generals over Germany.  We also met a Vietnam Air Force veteran.  He was a master sergeant who worked loading munitions onto fighter planes.

We were told that the Historical Society also has a Civil War uniform, but it was too fragile and irreplaceable for display.
Guns with a powder horn--The guns were mostly wood!
A typewriter

Iowa Geodes
An Indian arrowhead
After our tour was complete (and I had succeeded in spying the goodies in the kitchen), it was time for music!  The first group was a ladies' choir.
They were very good!  The music was sweet and relaxing.

We enjoyed listening to Prairie Creek String Band next.

Then we sang 4 songs, "Wonderful is Jesus," "The Holy City," "How Long Has it Been?" and  "The Goodness of God."  Afterwards, Prairie Creek played a few more numbers.

I was too focused on chatting and eating the goodies to get any photos!
The grande finale was hot apple cider and delicious cookies served to all.  It was a very pleasant evening, and I definitely recommend the Hardin County Historical Society to anyone looking to find a taste of the past in Eldora, Iowa.  


  1. Thanks for posting these photos. My husband's great-grandmother grew up in this house.

  2. Awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for commenting! :)