Beyond the Grave

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beyond the grave, I see a Light shining 
Far past the entrance of the tomb.
I hear a voice, to me it is calling,
The voice of Him who called me from my mother's womb.

"Fear not, my dear child, I'm with you always:
Always to lead you by the hand.
I've comforted you on cold, gloomy days.
I'll never forsake you, this you  must understand.

"So trust in me, death also shall soon pass;
I've conquered it in victory,
Defeating enemies that did compass.
The tomb is not the end of life's marv'lous story."

Beyond the grave, my Jesus awaits me;
His glorious presence I shall see,
And with the angel chorus I shall sing
Of God's love and mercy--a song of victory!