The Red Rooster Grill

Sunday, March 9, 2014

We have driven past The Red Rooster Grill in Iowa Falls many times, stopping at the McDonalds next door for fries and sandwiches whenever we're hungry.  Last time we were in town, we decided to find out if the Red Rooster really has the "good food" it advertises.

We arrived between breakfast and lunch time, so we had our choice from both menus.  I ordered a fish sandwich ($5.00) and glass of water.  
The sandwich was delicious.  I would rate it as better than McDonald's fish filet, which can be a bit greasy.    
Papa ordered a hamburger ($6.50) and onion rings ($4.50).  He reports that the hamburger tasted very good (he could taste a difference between the meat and the bun whereas at some other places, he jokes, the hamburger, bun, and package all taste alike.)  The onion rings, however, were slightly well done and not worth their price.  
My dear mother ordered the soup of the day (chili) for $3.50; she says it was all right. Her side of hashbrowns ($2.75) was unfortunately overcooked.

One of my sisters ordered a grilled cheese sandwich ($3.00); it tasted good.  My other sister ordered a pancake ($1.50), and it was a winner!  It was very large (it filled the plate),  and was fluffy and tasty. 

The atmosphere was homey, as if this is the place all the older folks come to drink coffee on a Saturday morning, and the waitress was friendly.  The restaurant was opened sometime around the '50s it seems, and is currently for sale.
We enjoyed our meal.  The cooking isn't perfect, but it's a lot better than McDonalds--and rest assured, you don't need to worry about eating anything raw.  At the Red Rooster you'll be around good old-time country folk, eating down-home Iowa cooking.


  1. I need to stop by there sometime. Perhaps I'll bring one of my sisters with me, and enjoy a cup of coffee or something. ;) Thanks for the review!

  2. I hope they make good coffee (let me know)! Hope to see you soon :). God bless!

  3. Looks like they burnt everything! Your dad's onion rings must have cost 70 cents a piece and there is one really burnt one. Pretty small plates, too.

  4. Well, it wasn't that bad--just stick with a pancake or fish sandwich! :)