The Nebraska State Capitol

Friday, July 11, 2014

Today I'd like to take you back in time with me to 2010 when my family and I visited the Nebraska State Capitol on our way to Texas.  It was one stop on one of the most memorable and exciting trips of my life.  At 400 feet high, the capitol is the second tallest statehouse in the nation.

It was built between 1922 and 1932 and is crowned with a gold-tiled dome and a statute called The Sower.   Engraved above where we entered the building are the words, "Political Society Exists for the Sake of Noble Living."
We walked in and soon saw the information desk above, with four hallways leading from it to entries and different parts of the building.  It was reminiscent of an old fort or palace.
On the second floor we saw where the legislature meets.
  In the halls were beautiful chandeliers and many murals.  Everything was very ornate.
We also had a view of the 3rd and 4th floor balconies.  
The 3rd floor balconies were accessible, but the ones on the 4th floor were not. 

The Nebraska Hall of Fame

The courtyard outside the Hall of Fame (left). 
 And then we took the elevator up...and up...and the 14th floor!
Once there we entered the Memorial Chamber and saw another beautiful chandelier.  On the walls are eight murals representing "heroic enterprises associated with Nebraska history."
Work We are in to Bind up the Nation's Wounds

With Malice Toward None: With Charity for All.

With Firmness in the Right as God Gives Us...
Outside of the chamber is a sort of balcony with chain-linked windows from which we could look over the city of Lincoln.  
We had an amazing view!  But, believe me, it was a bit scary when we noticed one of the tiles of the balcony was loose!  We were careful not to step on that one; it would have been a long way down!
Over the door we exited are engraved the statements, "The salvation of the state is watchfulness in the citizen" and "Wisdom, justice, power, mercy: constant guardians of the law."  The Nebraska Capitol is a majestic structure filled with history and engraved with wise words; it's a very interesting and educational place to tour.


  1. I have always absolutely loved history, I enjoy reading you're blog! Keep posting (:
    God Bless- Hannah Sue

  2. What a beautiful building!:D
    We visited the California Capitol once, and it was quite fun.

  3. Thanks Hannah Sue and Paige! Touring the CA Capitol sounds interesting!

  4. family fun trips are always the best!!

    the capital building in new jersey is quite beautiful but nothing compares to washington, d.c., it's always such an exciting trip!!

  5. It must be! From the photos I've seen it is so beautiful; it's hard to imagine the excitement of seeing D.C. in person.