Only Yesterday...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

They were in the front row in wheelchairs,
But they seemed so far away.
She placed her hand on his knee,
But he pushed it off that day.
She softly cried, and another sight I did see.

It was only yesterday,
A beautiful couple with stars in their eyes.
They vowed they’d love in sickness and in health.
Their children grew and joy was their wealth.
But it was all gone too soon…

Senility and dementia had laid their claim,
Any breath could be their last.
They loved each other just the same,
But life had flown by all too fast.
It was all gone too soon…

Lay up your treasures in paradise,
This life is but a dressing room for eternity.
Build a relationship with Christ,
With whom there is hope beyond this life.
Because all else will be gone too soon.
© 2011 Bethany Carson

“Live so that when the final summons come you will leave something more behind you 
than an epitaph on a tombstone or an obituary in a newspaper.”  --Billy Sunday


  1. What a beautiful poem Bethany! Was this written for a particular occasion?

  2. Your poems are so beautiful, Bethany. I really like this one. :)

  3. Thanks Cryslyn and Elanee! We sing at nursing homes regularly, so the poem is about a couple I noticed in an audience once who made me think about how short life is.

  4. i read your comment above, what a wonderful way to spend your time!!

    the poem is is so important to see these people as who they are and more importantly, who they were. they were hard working, fun loving, happy people. they are moms & dads, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncle who have simply become "unhealthy"!! it's so very sad that loosing your connection with people, often comes before loosing your life!!

  5. So's good to be understanding of older people, remember them how they were and love them as they are, because sooner or later we'll all be old too.

  6. This is stunning! Very mind-stirring to think about.

  7. Such a beautiful touching poem... true words... I've been reading your poems and you have a wonderful talent :)