Sunshine and Liebster Awards

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thanks to Heidi from Along the Brandywine for nominating me for the Sunshine Award and Jon and Caryln for nominating me for the Liebster Award. These awards are a way for bloggers to learn more about each other by asking several questions.  

Heidi's questions:
1. If you could time travel, would you rather visit medieval England or 1800's Paris?
1800's Paris.

2. For relaxation: G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, or neither?
Neither, I do enjoy various C.S. Lewis quotes though.  One good one is, "I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.

3.  Do you enjoy pie baking?  Do you have a favorite kind (apple, cherry, etc.)?
Pie baking is ok; however, I am more enthusiastic about the eating part than the baking part.  I like cooking pecan pies best and eating French Silk (what could be better?).  

4. A particular way God has blessed you in the past week?
His innumerable blessings include traveling mercies for my family and I, and His powerful words in the book of Hebrews.  "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

5. Something summery and wonderful (i.e. something you did or are planning to do, something you learned, somewhere you're planning to or have traveled)?
Something summery and wonderful would be cool showers of rain after a blistering hot day, and a  chicken sandwich and strawberry milkshake Friday at Niland's Cafe at the intersection of the Jefferson and Lincoln Highways.
Jon and Carlyn's questions:

1. What message/feeling do you want others to take away from your blog when they read it?
I want people to be challenged and inspired to live for Jesus and enjoy the world around them.

2.  Do you have any favorite blog communities where you like to discover other blogs of interest?
I find new blogs to follow by looking at the blogs of those who have commented on or follow my friends' blogs.  

3.  Do you have a personal favorite blog post you've made?  If so, which is it?
I have way too many favorites (I don't post anything I don't like).  One of my favorites is the Sermon of the Weeds.  

4.  Share 3 hobbies or interests you have unrelated to your blog.
Chess, gardening, and music.

5. In general what are the things that appeal to you in a blog design?
What I like is fresh simplicity.  I prefer a light colored background, with at most a few pleasant colors or simple, lovely, designs, and no GIFs or automatic background music without a pause option.  Fonts should be simple and easy to read.  Post width should be on the wider side.

 Good blog designs turn readers eyes on the content, not distract them from it.  Bad blog designs drive readers away without even considering the content.  But still whether the blogger likes his/her own blog is all that matters!  This is just my criteria on whether I will like a blog based on design or not.  

6. Favorite band(s)/singer(s)/performing artist(s)?

7.  What are the goals and expectations you have for your blog over the next year?
To continue posting at least 10 times a month for the rest of the year!  One of my New Year's goals, this so far has gone quite well and is getting easier and easier (I currently have at least 15 drafts ready and waiting to post!)

8. What would be your favorite ride at the amusement park/town fair?
I've never participated in any rides except for a carousel as a child.

9.  Have you influenced/inspired (or been influenced/inspired by) any friends or family members to blog?
My family is very helpful in giving me new ideas to post about.

10.  What is your favorite travel destination?
Somewhere I've never been before.

11. Favorite place to dine out?
Currently Culver's and the International Buffet.
My nominees (If they would like to participate) are:
Abigail at Sweeter Gets the Journey: Beautiful sunset shots.  And who doesn't like Roy, Dale, and Trigger?
Aimee at Aimee on the Mountainside: Awesome photos of the Pacific Northwest.
 Deyanira at The Psalmist and Her Garden: Read one of my favorite of her inspiring devotional insights here.
Emily at All Shall be Well: Devotional and life posts from my cousin, the Lady Pastor.
Gosia at Looking for Identity: An exploration of Poland.
Hannah Sue at Little Iowan Family: Travel, life, and devotional challenges.
Kelly-Anne at Beautiful Girlhood: Encouraging quotes, beautiful craft projects, and lovely photos.
Roxy at Living from Glory to Glory: A lovely blog filled with encouragement, recipes, and photos! 

And if you'd like to complete the award, consider yourself nominated as well!  Liebster Award rules: 1. List 11 facts about yourself (optional), 2. Answer the questions given you, 3. Nominate other bloggers with less than 200 followers (optional).  I would love reading the answers of anyone who would like to participate!  My questions are:

1.  If you could have an expenses-paid vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
2.  What would you like to accomplish by the end of 2014?
3.  If you had a million dollars, how would you use it?
4.  What are your favorite foods?
5.  What are your favorite quotes and Bible verses?
6.  What is the best advice on life you can give in up to 3 sentences?
7.  If you could live in any time period, which would you choose?
8.  What is your dream car and your dream home?
9.  What languages can you speak?
10.  Do you have a current occupation; if not, what would your dream job be?
11. What cause(s) are you most opinionated about?
12.  Is there any quality you think the Lord is growing in you right now (e.g., patience, love, trust)?


  1. Ok I will do it tomorrow. Thanks.I am happy.

    1. Awesome! Looking forward to reading it! :)

  2. I am super flattered by the nomination, thanks Bethany! :) First time ever and I'm really looking forward to it. God bless!

    1. Really enjoyed your award post--very interesting to read! God bless you too!

  3. LOVE the Piano Guys too :) My Grandma Betty passed away almost a year and a half ago (right after my birthday) and my dad had given me one of their CD's as a gift. Well, their rendition of 'A Thousand Years' was all I listened to after losing my Grandma (I later played the song at her Memorial Service). Anyway, they are an amazing and talented group.

    You made me laugh about pie baking. I agree with you, consuming the tasty pie is way more fun than baking it :)

    Great post, Bethany. It's always fun learning more about fellow bloggers and it was a joy learning more about you. Have a blessed week!

    1. Ahh, Stephanie, their rendition of A Thousand Years is totally beautiful! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Congratulations on your awards, Bethany! I enjoyed learning more about you through your answers :) Thanks for introducing me to the C.S. Lewis quote. It's profound. I respect and appreciate your reason for blogging. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Thanks Gracie! Blessings to you as well! Glad you enjoyed the C.S. Lewis quote!

  5. Hi, Bethany :)
    I so enjoyed reading your answers. Indeed, those words in Hebrews are powerful and such a blessing to soak in! All of the food you mentioned sounds delicious...from French Silk pie to that strawberry milkshake ;) It looks delicious.
    You have made me want to youtube some Johnny Cash gospel right now to listen to, as well as to hear some of the other selections your mentioned :) I am looking for some new music to listen to while I write.

    Such a joy to visit your blog! I look forward to reading more of your posts to come. Thank you so much for your lovely comment that you left also... how wonderful that you have Psalm 91 memorized. What a perfect chapter to think on and recite as you fall asleep. You have inspired me to work on memorizing it.

    Blessings to you and may you have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Jazzmin! Thanks for stopping by!

      We have a phonograph record player and some old records, so that's how I first heard Johnny Cash sing "I Saw a Man" and "He'll Understand and Say Well Done." Youtube is so convenient for finding old songs!

      Yes, Psalm 91 is very comforting! Have a beautiful day and God bless you as well!

  6. Congrats on your Sunshine Award and Liebster Award!! Well-deserved for sure. BY the way, now I am craving pecan pie at 7:20am. Thanks alot! :-)

    1. Thank you! I'm sorry--you'll just have to find some pecan pie for breakfast one of these days (with a little ice cream maybe?)...ah, I'm never going to get a job as a nutritional expert/adviser.... ;)

  7. Oh, what fun! I really enjoyed reading your responses. And I love that photo. So cute...and funny :)

  8. Your face is my face exactly when a chocolate milkshake is before my eyes! So cute! I love baking, so for me, I think I would have to say I like baking the pie more then eating it! :)

    1. Oh wow! I need to meet you Ashley! Someone who likes baking pies *more* than eating them... the perfect person to have as a friend!

  9. great post! congratulations on all of your awards. i really enjoyed reading this. and that milkshake looks WONDERFUL. what a great smile :)
    i also love Johnny Cash's gospel songs.
    thank you for the nomination!

    1. Thanks Abigail! I'd offer to send you a milkshake so you could enjoy it as well, but I think it would melt on the way I guess the photo is the best I can do ;)

  10. congrats to you beth, i enjoyed reading your answers....and what a cute picture of you. that's exactly how i feel when i see a milkshake or ice cream ;)

    1. Ohhh, milkshakes and ice cream are some of the best things about summer, aren't they? :)

  11. Gardening I love too ...
    Nice to learn more about you.
    That is a cute pic ...smiles

    1. There's just something special about successfully growing one's own food and flowers; it gives a certain feeling of satisfaction!

  12. Dear Bethany, this was such a beautiful award post - I love your answers:). And I love The Piano Guys too! Unfortunately I have received the Liebster Award already, but I want to thank you so much for nominating me!! Have a very blessed week! Love, Kelly-Anne

    1. Blessings to you too Kelly-Anne! Thanks for visiting!

  13. Good morning Bethany! Thank you so VERY much for nominating me for the Liebster award:) I feel very blessed by your kindness! I am going to try to do at least some of the things you have asked, but as our full speed data allowance has been reached for this month, it may take awhile. I hope that's OK.
    I like Johnny Cash's gospel music also and I still LIKE riding carousels whenever I find one! LOVE your #1 answer:)
    PS: Did you ever visit historic Oak's Park when you lived in the Pacific NW?

    1. You deserve it--yours is one of my Liebster (beloved) blogs because of all the great photos! Sure, if you post about it tomorrow or a year from now it is fine. :)
      I never did visit Oak's Park--sounds like an exciting place!

  14. Thank you so much for filling out the tag, Bethany! I enjoyed reading your answers! :-)

    1. Thanks Heidi! I enjoyed your questions :)