2017 Survey and Giveaway Results!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Thank you to the 23 readers who answered my survey this year and the 13 who joined the giveaway! Grace H. won the 10 cards featuring Grandma Carson's art. My sister Sarah Faith Carson won the six cards featuring Charity's pencil and charcoal art. And our final winner was Abigail Morley who won the six-month subscription to the Clarksville Star.
Question 1: How did you find my blog?
Six of you found this blog browsing the blogosphere. Five don't remember life without me (or something like that). Four of my awesome readers say we've met. Two found me when I commented on their blogs, and one through a link-up. 

Categories couldn't define five other readers. In the Other segment, we have two readers who had sisters who told them about me.  One reader said she heard about me through her son, John. Another said, "It was about chess.......you were playing and someone was teaching me, and I loved what you wrote about it." And one reader found me through Busuu (a language-learning site I used years ago).

Question 2: Which are your favorite posts?
Life remains the favorite category for the fourth year in a row. Travel has moved back into second place, after it was upset by politics last year. And politics has moved to last place. (Apparently no one wants to think about politics now that the election is over.) One reader said, "Anything you share is fun to read." So I added one vote to every column for that reader. 

Question 3: What is your occupation?
Instead of asking whether you read or skim (no one admitted to skimming last year), I thought it would be fun to learn of your occupations for a change. Of the four students, we had one who just said "student," two college students, and someone who listed "school" as an occupation (I'm guessing a student). Of the two teachers, one is a sort of retired teacher for at-risk students. 

Our programmer/homemaker said, "I used to be a computer programmer. Now I'm an empty-nest homemaker enjoying the free time to cook, bake, explore, read, draw, photograph and enjoy all that life has it offer." And the thee individuals listed as Wife and Mother replied: "Homemaker," "SAHW&M" and "Stay-at-home-wife and Homeschool Mom." 

Question 4: In Which State or Foreign Country Do You Reside?
Iowa is the clear winner.

Question 5: And for statistical purposes, to which age group do you belong?
For the third year in a row, twenty-somethings win with seven readers. I just have to wonder if those are the *same* seven readers every year... If so, thank you for your dedication! Similarly, I've had four teenagers respond for the past three years, and two thirty-somethings for the past two years. Numbers for my older readership have decreased, probably due to my lack of posts.

Question 6: What is your favorite candy bar?

For the first time *ever* Milky Way and Reese's have won the title as the most popular candy bars! Snickers appears to have fallen out of favor, but Kit-Kat and Butterfinger are not far behind.

Now...It's time to celebrate!
I was a little worried about how cold it would be outside waiting till December for my celebratory picture, but surprisingly, it was not bad! 

Thanks again for participating in the survey, and have a very sweet day!


  1. I always enjoy your survey. Your readers are a mixed lot!

  2. Your surveys are always fun! And I love how you show the results with graphs. This is great for someone like me who is a visual person. I hope you've had a lovely weekend.

  3. Oh my gosh, I missed this survey but I LOVED the charts. So fun and great shots of you outside. Too cold here. Burrr.

    1. It's pretty chilly here too, but not that bad considering the date. I take the same photo every year to monitor my aging process. :D

  4. AH, I think I missed this survey!! :( Love reading through the results though. Yay, Reese's won! Their peanut butter cups are the best.

  5. Oh, how neat!! Wow, I can't imagine how much time and energy it took to put this together for us! I loved seeing the results and reading about who reads your blog! Congratulations to all who won the prizes, too!! Sending hugs to you this beautiful Christmas season, Bethany!

  6. I think your blog is conspiring against me to make it look like I am a more faithless reader than is actually accurate...
    I did try to fill out your survey (congrats on yet another year of blogging by the way!) but I was informed that something went wrong and I admittedly forgot to come back and try again later. Then, I left a comment on this post apologizing and giving my excuse...and it has disappeared!
    You'll have to just take my word for it but I really do enjoy reading your posts when I have the chance!! :)

    1. I should add that I am pleased to see you still hold to the blue shirt-grey sweater outfit that I asked about two(?) years ago! It makes me happy. :D

    2. I knew I could count on you to notice, even if no one else did--and I was thinking of you, dear Lydia! I keep that shirt in my closet with the sole purpose of wearing it once every year. :D

      That is terrible that my blog is conspiring against you! Sorry you didn't get a chance to participate in the survey, but I'm glad you tenaciously pressed through with comments! It's good to hear you're still around! I hope life is treating you well.