The Wells Hotel

Sunday, December 24, 2017

In the little town of Wellsburg stands the Wells Hotel. If I recall correctly, it is a house that once was owned by George Wells and served as a residence for farmhands. The house was purchased by the city to serve as a historical museum in the 1990s.
Although I live nearby, I had never visited the museum until August 2016, when I decided to make the trip with Yai. The museum was pretty much what one would expect to see in a historic home in a small town.

One thing that caught my eye though was this mustache cup! It seems like a novel idea to have a cup specifically designed to keep mustaches dry.
And check out this bicycle! It looks a bit dangerous to me. Pictured are Yai and a member of the historical society who gave us the tour.
There were many military uniforms, with names attached to remember those who wore them. There were also family photos & other clothing articles.
The house was furnished as it would have been years ago.
I thought it was neat to see the old autograph books. My paternal grandparents told me that when they were children, they had autograph books too, and friends would write a few clever lines and sign their names. This page is dated January 15, 1900 and reads, "When you see a monkey up a tree, pull his tail and think of me. Your friend, Charles." Another, dated January 19, 1898, reads, "Dear friend Bertha, When far away in distance climb, think of me and the good old time. Your loving schoolmate, Cara Shaw."
The yoke shown above was worn by the team of oxen that pulled a wagon to the home pictured in the frame two miles north of Wellsburg around 1865.
By turning the crank, a dumb waiter could be lifted and lowered into the basement for cold storage. This was used typically in the late 1800s.
There are old ration books and literature on savings bonds.
There were also uniforms from the old school district.
And there's a beautiful organ., as well as plenty of Wellsburg history.  The ladies from the historical society are very nice and knowledgeable.
I enjoyed the visit. All too often, I think, we forget to visit the interesting spots in our own backyard. I'm glad we visited this historic home in Wellsburg.


  1. interesting place to visit. Merry Christmas

  2. I loved seeing this tour! I pinned some of the photos to my primitives board. I love how back then every, single item in homes (almost) was something that was useful and used on a regular basis. So practical. Thank you so much for taking the time to share these wonderful tours with us...they are places that most of us will probably never go, so it is so kind of you to share!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I had to laugh upon seeing the mustache cup! Such a neat little hotel. It must've been fascinating flipping through old autograph books.